• stop users from sharing WP accounts
  • block double username login attempts
  • block simultaneous logins with same IP
  • block users behind a proxy

What if I lock myself out?

Wait for 10 minutes (or the time you set for the session timeout) or use the plugin override code.

Will this work with any theme?

Yes, it’s completely theme independant.

Is it compatibile with other (security) plugins?

We haven’t found any issues with other plugins, however we can’t guarentee for “all” 3rd party plugins.

Will it slow my site down?

Plugin’s overhead is absolutely minimal so it wont slow down your site.

Will it work with a custom login form?

Regardless of the login form that’s used block will be applied only possible issue is that custom error messages shown on login wont be shown but that depends on the login form you’re using.